John Boyd Textiles has an extensive range of both classical and contemporary embroidered designs on horsehair fabrics, such as crests, medallions, feathers, flowers, and bees.

In addition to this selection of designs, John Boyd Textiles also offers the service of being able to embroider any design onto horsehair fabric.

Designs can be exclusively developed for a customer or customers own designs can be reproduced from outline drawings, sketches, or photographs. The embroidered horsehair fabric is popular all over the world and recent custom embroidery projects include the Swedish, Norwegian, and Thai Royal Palaces, and St. Andrews Golf Club board room chairs.

The finer horsehair fabrics, such as the Breton and Criollo range, are especially suited for the embroidered designs as these have been woven with a finer cotton warp yarn and horsehair weft to enable more detailed work.

All embroidered designs are made to order using special hand embroidery techniques, and there is no minimum order quantity.